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Equalizer car sticker application:
1.       Put on car window for car advertising
2.       Put on car window with family photo
3.       Put on car window for company advertising
4.       Put on car window for safe remind
EL sound active car sticker features:
1.       Flexible and thin, less than 0.5mm
2.       High brightness and cold light. Not heat generated, green product
3.       Low power consumption
4.       Easy to be installed
5.       It can flash in sequence or sound activated.
Colorgreen, blue, greenblue or any customized color
EL panel + DC12V inverter for car+ cigarette lighter
With the tape on the surface of panel, so it is easy to attach the panel on the car window
Эквалайзер LED auto-equalizer led auto
Автомобильный эквалайзер-car equalizer
Эквалайзер на стекло авто-eq on auto glass
fashion accessory for your car "equalizer" eq on the rear window auto
Neon equalizer for cars-Неоновый эквалайзер для авто
LED equalizer on the rear window-LED эквалайзеры на заднее стекло - стань заментым
Неоновый эквалайзер на стекло автомобиля-Neon EQ on car glass
неоновый эквалайзер-neon equalizer